Sunday, February 15, 2004


as you will have noticed (if your browser of preference is either mozilla or netscape) my home page has been suffering from a glitch that I've had to patch in a rather heath robinson way. briefly, I've introduced a behavior - constructed in dreamweaver - that should permit the appearance of a text notice of updates from a mouseover on any of the three sections, 'sporadic updates', 'music', and 'blog', into a layer immediately underneath the pencil-surrounded block of indexing text. however, this seems only to be working in Internet Explorer (I have 5.0 so I assume it works thereafter), and whereas in opera it just doesn't show (I haven't been able to test it yet in any other browser), in netscape/mozilla it has the disastrous effect of the rollover skipping on to a new window that's entirely empty apart from the text of the update. I have therefore included a link, for netscape/mozilla users, to the original home page without the behavior modifications.
the relevant section of javascript (which I don't pretend to understand) looks like this:

function MM_setTextOfLayer(objName,x,newText) { //v3.0 if ((obj=MM_findObj(objName))!=null) with (obj) if (navigator.appName=='Netscape') {document.write(unescape(newText)); document.close();} else innerHTML = unescape(newText);

now, I know from my stats that several of my regular visitors use mozilla and netscape - and I much prefer to use mozilla myself - so if any of youse happen to have the skills to consider a way of tweaking this snippet of code so that I could include this immortal behavior - ooh - for the netscape engine - or know of another way I might achieve this - I'd be eternally grateful. you can mail me here. thanks.

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