Sunday, March 07, 2004

chernobyl biker chick

"People had to leave everything, from photos of their grandparents to cars. Their clothes, cash and passports has been changed by state authorities. This is incredible, people lived, had homes, country houses, garages, motorcyles, cars, money, friends and relatives, people had their life, each in own niche and then in a matter of hours this world fall in pieces and everything goes to dogs and after few hours trip with some army vehicle one stands under some shower, washing away radiation and then step in a new life, naked with no home, no friends, no money, no past and with very doubtful future."

(update : march 10th : this dead link was to a rather primitively constructed site containing images of the ghost town that chernobyl has become taken by a young Russian woman who lives 130km off and enjoys riding there on her kawasaki 1100 - apparently the interest in her site has freaked out her local server, and she's reworking it - hopefully she'll get it back up soon.)

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