Monday, August 02, 2004

mr p

an e-mail from my ultra-indulgent editor at no ripcord asking why I haven't sent in any reviews for the last couple of months. thing is, I did send one mid-June-ish, but it never appeared on the site, and, rather than simply e-mail the guy who's been acting editor whilst dave's been on extended holiday, I found myself lapsing into an unbelievably childish sulk about it, and got into an extended well fuck you then flounce that belies any whisper of rational justification.
no - this is not entirely true.
when I sent the review, I also sent a chummy e-mail saying hi, for the first time, to ben - said acting editor - who's the only writer on the site whose reviews I really enjoy (I mean, the others are good - but he's exceptionally good) - and the fact that neither my e-mail nor my review were even acknowledged sent me into a faintly hysterical paranoid spin - especially when I saw that said ben seemed to be using his temporary powers to cram the site with stuff of his own. so what was I thinking? that he'd taken one look at my byline and spiked it out of malice? far more likely that the e-mail and attached .doc simply never arrived (although it's an odd coincidence that an e-mail I sent on the same day to someone else on the site - who dave had said I should contact with wish-lists during his absence - never got replied to either).
it's really getting about time I grew up.

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