Tuesday, January 25, 2005

wot - no more gunboats?

scenario 1: British soldiers, acting on local intelligence that they were acting suspiciously, take prisoner a dozen or so American tourists, transport them to a detention facility in the Falklands, torture them, and detain them without trial or access to a lawyer. result: the US declares war on Britain, at the very least. bombs Leeds and Milton Keynes in retaliation. invades the Falklands. deposes the Queen. occupies England. show trials all members of the cabinet prior to their execution, live on Fox. installs Posh and Becks as puppet King and Queen. demands reparations. etc.
scenario 2: American soldiers, acting on local intelligence, kidnap an unknown number of British citizens, transport them to a remote detention facility in Cuba, torture them, and detain them for three years without trial or access to a lawyer. result?
*tumbleweed drifts across the desert as the wind whistles in the telegraph wires*
what the FUCK is going on here?

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