Thursday, September 23, 2004

the everlasting (well, quite old) lightbulb

we moved into our present house in September 1988. there was a tiny bathroom with no central heating, but with the generous heating concession of a 150-watt infra-red reflector bulb hanging from the light-fitting in the ceiling which barely took the edge off the winter mornings. when the boys were born we had a radiator installed, and I replaced the heating bulb with a more decorous lighting attachment. ever the thrift, I installed the heating bulb in the downstairs toilet instead, intending to replace it (it's incredibly ugly) as soon as it blew. it's been there ever since.

very tall men complain of its burning their heads when they have a pee.
sixteen years.
only another 87 to go to beat the
Livermore Firestation Lightbulb.

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