Friday, May 14, 2004

'happiness is....' (contd)

actually, now I see it down there, I have absolutely no idea what it means. I mean, I just felt like putting up something beautiful, for a change, and I end up with a drivelling piece of inexcusably platitudinous bilge - even calligraphy can be bilge - one of those instances of its being preferable not to know what it means...
or maybe it doesn't translate well from the Japanese...
I might, one day, begin to address my swirling suspicions that 'happiness' is something that's only available to the child or the child-like - which is why the infantilising effects of alcohol, drugs, being 'in love', and day-time soaps are so appealing, since one molecule of 'thought' or 'reality' dropped into the warm pink ocean of 'happy' turns it instantly a chill blue. one day - not today. today I'll stay with 'happy'.

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