Saturday, June 19, 2004

Madonna loses/Madonna wins - a tale of two headlines.

"Ramblers will be free to roam across 54 hectares of Madonna's £9 million ($A24 million) English country estate after the singer failed to establish that recreational walkers would violate her human rights.

While a public inquiry on Friday ruled that the public had no right of access to 15 out of 17 pockets of land on Madonna's Ashcombe estate in the west of England, two tracts declared "open country" amount to nearly half the area being disputed by the UK Countryside Agency and Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie."


I've encountered few clearer demonstrations of the shameless political allegiances of the disgusting owned press than this - a relatively silly story about a couple of poor rich folk trying to use their hard-earned dosh to do what poor rich folk do - buy justice - specifically, to keep the nasty common folk off the empty tracts of land they own and do nothing with but want to keep empty. whether or not they won or lost depends on which paper you subscribe to. a quick glance at this google search reveals that the headline 'Madonna wins' beats 'Madonna loses' by a ratio of about 8:1. no prizes for guessing the reason for this curious bias.

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