Tuesday, June 22, 2004

a totally wasted day. it happens sometimes. actually, when I look back, I suppose I have to concede that the ratio of effort to result has always been horrendously high for me. I seem to have to laboriously pile up these mountains of material that behave like tottering towers of fine shifting sand in order to - suddenly, usually - discover what it was that I was looking for. but today was just an infuriating struggle, with no result at all.
but I can't help thinking of those poor bastards up the road at Pilton - no sooner have they started arriving and pitching camp (the music's just over the weekend, but lots of people stay a week or so) than the temperature plummets and the heavens open! so unfair. so Glastonbury. for some of those kids it's the highlight of the year - and round about now (midnight) they're shivering in their tents with no way of drying their sodden clothes wondering when the famous magic will kick in. Jane did a few shifts manning the emergency medical centre three years ago (the last time time it was a total mudbath) and found herself treating trench-foot for the first time in her career - en masse.

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