Wednesday, June 02, 2004

so I missed my Flash course because of The Bug - so?
so I missed my Flash course. there'll be others. I was looking forward, but hey.
and maybe the Rhino's better for being unFlashed - personally I find so many of those slick photographers sites far more interesting for the design than for the photographs, and that cain't be right, now, cain't it.
besides, I've been starting lately to feel just slightly guilty at how 56k-ist I've become since acquiring Broadband; I've quite forgotten that infuriating frustration at these image-rich sites (like this one) that take absolutely no account whatsoever of slower connections - that demand minutes-long downloading of image-heavy pages that, at the end of it all, really aren't worth the wait. since most of the Rhino was constructed before we got Broad, I was sort of allowing for that, so I think it's just about OK still. if I were making it now, I'd make most of the images link to a higher-res version - some of them just look so awful to me now - but I really can't be bothered going back through them all: I'd end up wanting to change everything, which I probably will, one day, but not yet - nondum.

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